Activity Response

For a getActivity request, the response body’s data field is structured like this:


Unique identifier for the activity.


Metadata associated with the activity.

Metadata varies by service. For fields returned for any service, refer to the Supported Data Sources section below.

Subject Identifiers

ActivityMetadata always includes a subject field, which represents the item your user interacted with, such as a video game they played or a movie they watched.

Gandalf aims to provide a comprehensive list of third-party Identifiers for these subjects, making it easy to fetch related data.

For example, with TV shows and movies, we include commonly recognized identifiers when available:

These identifiers allow you to extract detailed data about these subjects from the respective APIs.

For more information on which subject identifiers are returned for any service, refer to the section below.

Supported Data Sources

Request a data source

We’re constantly adding new sources and we’d love to hear from you.